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      HCGSIS Philosophy


      International education is not being foreignized or anglicized but an integration of both foreign and domestic cultures and knowledge. HCGSIS aims to implement the most appropriate international education with Chinese characteristics, it is also oriented by the idea to blend elites of different cultures and to persevere with innovation which makes it possible to adapt western culture as a complementary to ours. In addition, we have taken an active part in exploring education which can not only lay solid foundation but also develop personalities for all the learners, our ultimate goal-serving the society will flourish one day. In order to achieve our goal, we strive to offer the premier primary education in China, so all the implemented courses here are based on national curriculum standard. On the basis of this, we learn from the IB projects as well, grounded on the concept of Transdisciplinary Themes, we try to adapt the advanced teaching concepts to the learners, which is characterized by inquiring, concept-driven and cooperative teaching approaches. Hence, to cultivate the learners critical thinking, their ability of lifelong learning and the consciousness of participation in society. In the future, students can either choose study abroad or take the national college entrance examination in China. Our aim is to make Chinese learners become international talents who are able to contribute to social progress and world peace. Therefore, our learners are characterized as Chinese Identity, International Mindedness who have deep Chinese culture, strong confidence, and also understand and respect the world's multi culture, and can live and develop happily around the world. We contribute together to make a better world!